High Noon

“High Noon: A Time for Change”

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God blessed America from the beginning, and the history of this nation has been a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. But, it’s time that we the people take back what is ours and make a much-needed adjustment in our government. That adjustment is to take away the influence of the corporations, foreign countries, and special interest groups who are manipulating our way of life by slowly robbing us of freedom and prosperity.

Let’s face it! Our public servants have not been loyal to the people they are supposed to represent in Washington. Our businesses and industrial base have been outsourced or moved to foreign countries where the people receive a slave’s wage. Abraham Lincoln, a fellow Kentuckian, would rollover in his grave if he saw this nation the way it is today. Companies that hold no compete contracts make political campaign donations to our present Congress and because of this, extremely high charges and excessive expenses have taken this nation deep into debt. These companies prosper at the expense of a war that is taking American solders’ lives in Afghanistan and Iraq. Americans are losing their savings and wealth trying to provide health care while paying for excessive overcharges on medical and drug services. Politicians are always telling us they represent change, but (no matter what party is in power), they never fail to bow their knee to the powers that control the purse strings. They continually force us to grow less and less prosperous. The working-class has taken a back seat to the good life, and poverty in America is close to reality.

What can you do as a fellow American citizen and Kentuckian? I’m asking you to join with me in taking the House of Representatives out of Washington and back to their districts. With the advancement of the information age and also the expense of travel, it’s no longer necessary or even reasonable to have our representatives leave home and go off to the den of iniquity in Washington, D.C. Together, we can ask for the House to be run in the districts of the people that they are supposed to represent. We can make it so that they will no longer be able to vote themselves raises. They can make the prevailing wage of their district, the same we do. Then, they will want us to earn a living wage, so they can have a living wage.

To ensure that we the people are the main focus of politics and elections, we need to assign ten committee persons from different ages and walks of life to watch over the affairs of the district. They will review and assist the congressman in making sure that the decisions made will benefit everyone. This way Americans can rest assured that lobbyists are not buying out their congressman. Ten will provide wise counsel! In this newly proposed plan, we can see to it that the congressman lives in his district and so do his staff members.

His office will also be located in his district which will motivate the congressman to be ever more accountable as no one will be oblivious to any of his actions and/or whereabouts. At the same time, he will be given the opportunity to pay the utility and gasoline rates of his district, and will always be fully aware of what is truly going on in the lives of the people he serves. This will be consisten in other spheres of his life also. For example, if the congressman votes for a war, it is only fair that he and his adult children be asked to serve in it for at least two weeks while a service man gets to take rest and restoration. Even if this means they have to fight at the highest point of engagement.

I want you to take a Hatchett to Congress! Vote for me. I want to be the servant candidate and restore the district back to the people.

Charles K. Hatchett
1st District Congress
Candidate Democrat

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