I was born September 24, 1951 at Riverside Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. My parents are Wayne and Billy Hatchett, now in Fountain Hills, Arizona. I have lived 14 years in McCracken County and 44 years in Marshall County. I have four brothers and sisters: Walter, Susan, Mary and John. I have two children, Matthew and Melisa, three grandchildren, Aaron Keys, Trigg Kraft and Noah Hatchett. I live on a small farm near Soldier Creek in the Brewers Community. I have horses, a dog and a cat. In my life, I have raised cattle, goats and hogs. I am a fourth generation real estate broker, and I am a principal auctioneer. I graduated from Lone Oak High School, attended Paducah Community College and graduated from two banking schools.

My dream for the future is to move the American Mustang wild horses to Western Kentucky. We can use CRP land to feed these animals. We will control the reproduction of these animals until we can find a marketing plan for these animals. This could give us jobs in all 30 counties of Western Kentucky. Western states’ problem can be our future. This needs to be a national reservation for American horses.

Non-rescue, domestic horse

Rescue horse

Non-rescue, domestic horse

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